Soft Content Lences
The soft lens of choice for hiding corneal disfigurement and treatment of photophobia. Planned to help hide corneal scarring
FlexiSoft Si-Hy
The material is a benchmark for a new generation soft lens material and has many advantages over the conventional high water
Colour Correction Lenses
A red contact lens, of peak transmission 595 nm, or a green contact lens worn in one eye only (monocular use) was
Paediatric Aphakic
Considering the need of the hour, for an advanced polymer matrix, providing unique surface qualities, and high level of gas
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Shekhar Eye Research – flexilens, the silent partner in your Contact Lens practice.
We are far more than just a contact lens supplier – in addition to our wide range of contact lenses, we also manufacture and supply contact lens solutions and a variety of accessories for contact lens wearers. We also provide a comprehensive range of services for contact lens practitioners. We at flexilens pride ourselves in providing lenses of the highest quality from the best materials available today in the world. World class manufacturing process incorporates checks at every stage, to ensure that lenses are checked under highly strict conditions to exacting tolerances.